Recycled Clothing

Recycled Clothing With A New Twist

Restyled Bridal Gown
Recycled clothing is a creative way of seeing a design in a new way. Imagine a bridal gown redesigned into a christening or first communion gown. You now have an instant heirloom that can be handed down through generations.

Recycled Clothing

What’s in Your Attic?

Recycled Bridal GownWhile cleaning an attic, a 1940 bridal gown (photo of original wedding gown on lap of left doll) worn by a great grandmother, was discovered. It was restyled in to a christening gown for future grand children. They didn’t have the heart to toss it. The smocked neckline, stitched down princess lines and lace inset sleeves were the focal points in the restyle of this gown. A separate silk slip worn by the bride was used for the lining. The lace inset sleeves were used in the band for the bonnet. Ribbon to tie the bonnet and front streaming bow were the only new additions added to the finished christening gown. This gown was one of many shown at a fashion show.

Recycled Clothing – Same Dress 3 Weddings

Second Wear Bridal Gown Recycled Gown A bridal gown worn by a grand mother, mother and daughter saw three generations of weddings. The white velvet gown (left photo) was altered to size for the mother. The granddaughter was unsure of a third wedding for this gown. It had rust spots on the bodice from pins left in the fabric over the years. Food and water stains were down one side and at the hem. Restyled Bridal GownSparkle organza was purchased to conceal and update the design. Mom and grandma had to wait until the wedding day to see the new look.

The Recycled Clothing Bridesmaid Dress

Bridesmaid Dress RestyleRecycled clothing saw an iridescent taffeta attendant gown with new life when a mother had the dress redesigned into a Christmas dress for her daughter. New additions to this gown were black pearl buttons centered down the front bodice and sleeve closure with black netting underneath for fullness. Black lace finished the hem edge. The dress was also wore for the daughters Christmas program.

Bridesmaid dress Restyled Bridesmaid DressAttendant gowns are second hand Prom gowns after a wedding. This gown had a full bodice and sleeves. After deconstruction, spaghetti straps and trim were added for a simple line for yet another recycled clothing project .

Reconstructed Bridesmaid dress into Prom StyleThis black attendant gown was cut into a two piece gown with added netting for skirt fullness and new white band at the bodice top for contrast. This gown was also worn for a fancy senior picture.

Denim is another fabric that can handle a designer touch. A regular pair of jeans worn one year can be cut to Capri length the next. The following year they can be cut into shorts. I’m sure you have seen jeans recycled into purses, aprons, skirts, hats… The use of denim for recycled clothing is endless.

Recycled clothes. What does that mean? Take them to a recycling center?

No, it means make more room in your closet. How? By removing the clothing you no longer wear and restyling others that still have life.

Just think of the space we can save in our land fills if we got our creative juices flowing. So whether you find a gown in the attic or purchase one for a special occasion, you can have it recycled to update a look with a little imagination.

Is there a recycled clothing project hiding in your closet?

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